Newsletter April 2020 - COVID-19

Dear customers

Supporting the public health and safety measures adopted by the National Government in relation to preventing the spread of COVID-19, thus prioritizing the health of our employees and customers, we communicate that from now until further notice, we will be taking the following actions with the desire to help this campaign of which we must all be partakers and accountable:

A) We will be divided into three teams, which will work from their home online and from the offices, an active team in production plant.

B) The new schedule will be from 8:00 to 17:00 until further notice. No continuous or night shifts will be held.

C) In our offices and production plant we are monitoring the temperature to all the people who enter; we will continue to disinfect the places, we will insist with preventive measures: hands cleaning with soap and water, and the use of gel alcohol for all people. Access is forbidden to people unconnected to the company during this quarantine period.

D) The on call equipment in the office will be controlled at the entrance.

E) We are currently working with 30% of all the team that makes up our company.

F) We are trying to maintain all the jobs of all our staff, as well as the thousands of producers who provide us with their goods, in the hope of achieving a multiplier effect, thus supporting the prompt economic recovery of our country.

Emails, WhatsApp messages and calls to corporate and landline numbers will be enabled as usual.

Newsletter April 2020 - COVID-19
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