Chia Oil

Chia Oil


99.9% purity
Extra virgin oil
Previously selected
Cold pressed

Possible Benefits

Improve cardiovascular diseases
Prevent high blood pressure
Shows an anti-aging effect
Supports the skin and hair health
Enhances the cognitive mental health
Relieves depression and joint stiffness
Can help to Prevent the signs of aging

Our Extra Virgin Chia Oil it is obtained by cold pressed of Chia Seeds previously selected with the highest degree of quality. Being the highest source of Omega 3 from a vegetable source, offering the perfect balance between Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 that our body needs, it becomes one of the famous Superfood in the market, essential for a balance diet. Chia oil is derived from Salvia Hispanica plant. Oil made from these seeds can be used as a nutritional supplement and for skin care. As a Gluten Free and Vegan product, it is suitable for Celiacs and Vegans. These tiny little seeds have amazing properties!

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