Color: Green
Odor: Characteristic of the product and free from foreign odors
Flavor: Bitter, refreshing
Purity: 99.5% min
Moisture: ≤ 12.0%
Foreign matter: 0.5% max
Cut size: 0.2 mm - 2mm / 2 mm - 4 mm/ 3mm - 5 mm

Mentha arvensis, commonly known as Japanese mint, corn mint, or field mint, is a species of mint native to temperate regions of Europe and Asia, including China, Korea, Japan, and the Indian subcontinent. The plant is widely cultivated for its essential oil, which is rich in menthol. Menthol is used in various products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides, and flavoring agents. In traditional medicine, Mentha arvensis has been used to treat various ailments such as bronchitis, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, and liver complaints. Its cooling and soothing properties make it useful for relieving symptoms of colds and flu. The leaves can be used fresh or dried in teas, beverages, and as a flavoring in cooking. It is often used as a substitute for peppermint due to its similar flavor profile.

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