White Sesame Seeds


99.99% purity
White sesame seeds
Previously selected seeds
Whole seeds

Possible Benefits

Help to digestive health
Helps regulate appetite
Improve cardiovascular diseases
Prevent high blood pressure
Enhances the cognitive mental health
Relieves depression and joint stiffness

Sesame Indicum is a flowering plant and the oldest oilseed crops known. Has one of the highest oil contents of any seed. Which a rich, nutty flavor , it is a common ingredient in cuisines around the world. This seed is rich in Calories, Carbohydrates, , dietary fiber, fat (Omega-6) and protein . It is also rich in lignans, sesamolin, sesamin, pinoresinol and lariciresinol. Sesame seeds can be added to bread, including bagels and the top of burgers buns. May be baked into crackers , cakes , to prepare Tahini and a lot of different uses around the world.

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